Safety is priority when it comes to handling toxic or corrosive substances.
In addition to the range of standard maintenance products , we offer a professional decontamination service for decontaminating vacuum pumps and systems used in processes involving toxic or corrosive substances.
As part of our global service network , we operate decontamination units at selected central locations , which are specifically designed to handle toxic and corrosive substances. These facilities provide state-of-the-art safety features and ongoing staff training.
All facilities have the necessary licenses from all relevant authorities. Our customers are always welcome to visit.
Decontamination work is always carried out at our facilities. We document all steps in the decontamination process , allowing them to be traced back if required. 
We can decontaminate all vacuum pumps and systems as part of repair orders and general overhauls performed at the factory. We are also happy to perform this work independently.
We offer a collection and return service for your product in accordance to current legislations, providing all relevant documents have been issued in advance.
We will carry out all decontamination procedures tailored to your requirements.
We can also decontaminate entire systems on request.

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