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Improve the efficiency of your vacuum system.

If your vacuum pumps are not performing optimally, you could experience a slowdown in production or a complete shutdown. Either scenario would waste a significant amount of time and money. Fortunately, you have several options to bring performance up, whether you are dealing with a Liquid ring vacuum pumps or industrial pumps. The following are some of the common problems associated with vacuum pumps and compressors and how to fix them.

Common Problems and Fixes :                                                                                          

  • High Horsepower – In case belt driven, check the tension and alignment of the V-belts , make sure there is no restriction at the inlet or discharge , check for water overload and always run the pump at the correct speed.
  • Leakage & Compromised Pumping Capacity – A leak is major cause of lose in vacuum capacity of pump. Check the inlet/outlet & casing gaskets , valve spindles and instrument piping unions starts to leak over the period of time in operation. Make sure there are no clogs in the strainer or filter. Arrest the leaks at the earliest to improve vacuum pump efficiency back to rating.
  • Excessive Noise – In some instances , a trapped foreign object inside the pump could be a problem if not attended in extreme cases results in seizure of impeller. Improper alignment , or loose piping also causes noise. However , water overload , bearing or cavitation failure are other possible causes.
  • Compromised Suction – For vacuum surges , be sure that no water has accumulated in the line. Carryover from separators can also cause surges , along with a restriction in the inlet pipe restriction , incorrect seal water flow , a leak, or a variation in the seal water temperature. Also Air in the system results in lose. Check all connections and seals , tighten if necessary.
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