Installation and start-up service

Turnkey installations for your vacuum pumps , systems , compressors and blowers – are you looking for the reassurance and peace of mind that comes with a professional installation ?
Our Installation and Start-up Service will install and commission your vacuum pumps , systems , compressors and blowers anywhere in the world to a professional standard.
Professional installation by us is much more than "just" assembling and connecting up your vacuum pump or system.
When we carry out an installation, we also check the configuration parameters and ensure all system components are operating correctly. We consider our installation service complete when everything is working perfectly and in accordance with the predefined specifications. 

Service Liquid Supply :

The principle of a liquid ring vacuum pump depends on a continuous supply of the correct amount of clean , cool , service liquid (usually water). Without service liquid , the pump will not perform and the pump will run dry.
This will also cause the shaft seal to overheat and shorten its life. To assure this continuous supply of service liquid. Avoid getting debris into the service liquid line which can plug the strainer , solenoid valve and flow control orifice. This might include loose rust or metal filings. Inspect more frequently when the supply water is hard or dirty. Repair or replace solenoid valve immediately if it is observed to be occasionally sticking.
In recirculation systems, keep the tank and water clean by changing the water periodically and keep the flow control orifice in the recirculation hose unplugged. Check service liquid flow to the pump immediately if the system doesnt come up to vacuum when the pump starts or if there is a loss of vacuum during operation.

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