Extend Warranty

Are you looking to guarantee availability , minimise risk and to be able to plan your costs over a set period ?
With our Warranty Plus service , we offer a simple , time-saving solution for extending or adjusting warranties to suit your requirements at the best.
For instance , you may be operating new equipment made up of different components with different warranties and would like to have one single warranty period for the entire system.
Maybe you have just bought a new vacuum pump or had your vacuum equipment overhauled or serviced by an authorised provider and you would like to extend your warranty over and above 12 months.
Alternatively , you may be operating equipment in different countries with different local regulations regarding the manufacturer's warranty and would like to have a standardised warranty rule for your company – three situations that can be solved with Amazetech's Warranty Plus. First and foremost , our Warranty Plus gives you an extra element of security that you can apply flexibly. Whether you need 12 or 24 months' extended warranty – you decide !
Service in detail :
You tell us what you are looking for in terms of warranty arrangements or if you prefer, we work together with you to draw up a warranty plan based on your requirements.
On the basis of your needs , we prepare a written quotation containing all details of your extended warranty period and/or scope.
Of course , this also includes a precise description of individual benefits in the event of a claim.

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