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AES / Doovac DES 402

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AES / Doovac DES 402 Suction Pump For Medical Doovac Vacuum Pump

Oil Circulation (Suction Pump for ENT Medical)

AES / Doovac DES 402

Technical Data   DES 402
Nominal Displacement  50Hz l/min 670
Nominal Displacement  60Hz l/min 800
Ultimimate Pressure 50Hz/60Hz mmHg 680
Ultimimate Pressure 50Hz/60Hz mmHg 680
Motor Version 50Hz/60Hz Three Phase -
Motor Version 50Hz/60Hz Single Phase 230V/220V
Nominal Motor Rating kW Three Phase -
Nominal Motor Rating kW Single Phase 1.9
Nominal Motor Speed 50Hz/60Hz Min-1 2850/3430
Sound Level  dB(A) 70
Operating Temperature (Ambient) ºC 40
Sealing Water l/min 3.8
Weight Approx 50Hz/60Hz KG 48

  • Reliability

           High quality material, quality control according to ISO9001, CE, Mark authentication standard, automated 
           machining facility, computer control process, etc. Guarantee standardized and accurate product 
           manufacturing. Where operation of vacuum pump stops during vacuum work sol-valve is installed at the
           suction hole in order to prevent reverse-flow.

  • Environmentally Safe

           Air cooling, internal filter in inlet port for cleaning, Using mechanical seal in order to very silent and stop
           leak of water allows.This model is available can be using on any environment.

  • Easy to service

           This can be simply used, is easy for maintenance, and can be used for long time, as an integrated type
           which has simple structure, has air cooling system, use of anti-corrosive material, is furnished with
           overload interceptor for automatic cleaning, water supply and motor protection, is furnished with temperature
           switch for preventing damage due to overheat, is furnished with trans-former (220V/ DC24V) for being
           operated with DC 24V power by considering safety during on and off operation of pump, and is furnished
           with sol-valve for saving water.

  • Application range

           This is simple type spindle of flange motor connect pump impeller & cylinder directly and cooling type used
           with cooling fan. This pump is small size and lightweight.There models are suction pump for dental surgery
           which is specially designed, are fabricated so that 3-4 units chairs may be simultaneously used with DEN-400
           pump,because of strong suction force, and are economical and have no trouble by reducing water and
           electricity usage quantity when being used assembled in a row with SD-400 suction pumps when 4 more unit
           chairs are simultaneously used.

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